I’m super tired of putting so much effort into something no one else cares about. I’m not the only one performing at the concert. The entire group is. Why is it so hard to show some responsibility? Is it really so hard to pay attention during practices? I don’t care if you’ve had singing experience and I have none. We’re all on the same square here. We’re all learning the same song. If someone can take the effort to record your parts for you individually, you bloody well can take the time to learn your part. The recording is already there for you. You have no excuse at all to not know your note or forget it. I’m sick and tired of people showing up to practice late or not even showing up at all. Please have some respect for the people who make the effort and are committed. All you have to do is get your part right. Is it really that hard? You only have to learn that one part. You’re not in charge of coming up with the arrangement or choreo or formation. People stay up till 2/3am for our group and you can’t be bothered. It really disgusts me that you’re only enthusiastic when it comes to having and are moody and uncooperative when it’s time to be serious. Grow up.

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  • 3 days ago


Paper thin emotions folded over and over 

Torn and shredded by swift words 

A paper plane thrown into chaos 

Circles and rounds of emptiness 

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  • 4 days ago


She was whole
Quiet words and shy whispers
Gently rocked by waves unknown
Stable thoughts with stable hands

She was partly whole
Unspoken thoughts swirled within
Tiny cracks and fissures hidden deep
Questioned thoughts and shaking hands

She was fractured
Silent screams drifted with the wind
Pieces forgotten on the ground
Floating thoughts and trembling hands

She was broken
Emotions and thoughts streaked red
A shattered soul abandoned yet freed
Echoed thoughts with scarred hands

She was gone
Red inscribed into flesh and bone
Hollowed out and left to be empty
Unconscious thoughts and trembling hands

She was dead
Love and life seeped in pools of red
Invisible yet watched by many
Precious thoughts with peaceful hands

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  • 2 weeks ago


Words hung on thin lines 

Threaded carefully yet mismatched 

Jagged edges with smooth meanings

A sharp tug and all comes loose 

Fractures strewn on cool marble

Intention and pages forgotten 

Black cracks with maroon linings

Six strings yet all lost

Gentle thin and warm 

Pieces recollected and mended 

Hidden behind wings of five letters 

Waiting to restring these pages 

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  • 2 weeks ago


Heavy hearts and thin words 

Cautious whispers of regret 

A shift in silence on ends 

Three forward and ten back 

Words etched on paper thin 

Lie engraved in fragile bones 

Interlacing lyrics and secrets 

Cascading down waterfalls 

Thin twisting lanes of black 

One step forward one pull back

Striped yellow dotted white

Unbelonging in the atmosphere 

Shelves holding secrets hidden 

Quiet tinkling of emotions in the air 

Tap of feet moving in hush 

Straight and right two in one 

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  • 2 weeks ago


Closed eyes and whispered words 

Wishing for happiness 

To exchange hurt for joy 

Laughter for pain 

A prayer not for self 

Instead one for you 

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  • 2 weeks ago


She sat watching waves 

High and low 

Welcoming yet foreign 

A mixture of emotions 

Strong and weak 

Held together by drifts so strong 

Emotions tangible in the wind

Tossing and turning 

A whirlpool of salt 

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  • 2 weeks ago


Angel and devil all in one 

Stranger yet friendly

Gentle carved into bone 

Background scene

Four parts to a soul

Six strings and more 

Originals in the sky 

Curtain to shoulders 

Watch the world in black frames

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  • 3 weeks ago

One Night.

Masks professionally put on 

Rows of red on tables 

Pins tucked neatly in 

Different yet the same 

Mixed emotions swirling round 

Ten entered yet only one left 

Music intertwined with anxiety 

Eleven to one yet two were gone 

One to book and ten to one 

First or not all were same 

Black white red and blue 

Eight on foot and two on air

Awkward conversation

Memories frozen in time 

Practicing to perfect

Ten in a circle 

Nerves set aside 

Determination sinking in 

Eleven in a box 

Stairs and runway leading there

Shaking hands with steady voices 

Sea of unknown faces

Smiles and encouragement 

Sense of pride from soul within 

Transformed to take the stage 

Different personality kicking in 

Rhythm and passion in timely beat 

Dark rimmed eyes and height on set 

Cult-like sounds to end it all 

Start to end that was all 

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  • 3 weeks ago


Dark corners in a bright room

Timidly immersed in the crowd

Lonely soul seeking human needs

Voice hidden deep within

Quiet yet outgoing

Secrets in sync with the beat

Bass pulsating awkwardly

Talent buried from the world

Introvert nature a redeeming point

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  • 3 weeks ago