Angel and devil all in one 

Stranger yet friendly

Gentle carved into bone 

Background scene

Four parts to a soul

Six strings and more 

Originals in the sky 

Curtain to shoulders 

Watch the world in black frames

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  • 2 days ago

One Night.

Masks professionally put on 

Rows of red on tables 

Pins tucked neatly in 

Different yet the same 

Mixed emotions swirling round 

Ten entered yet only one left 

Music intertwined with anxiety 

Eleven to one yet two were gone 

One to book and ten to one 

First or not all were same 

Black white red and blue 

Eight on foot and two on air

Awkward conversation

Memories frozen in time 

Practicing to perfect

Ten in a circle 

Nerves set aside 

Determination sinking in 

Eleven in a box 

Stairs and runway leading there

Shaking hands with steady voices 

Sea of unknown faces

Smiles and encouragement 

Sense of pride from soul within 

Transformed to take the stage 

Different personality kicking in 

Rhythm and passion in timely beat 

Dark rimmed eyes and height on set 

Cult-like sounds to end it all 

Start to end that was all 

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  • 3 days ago


Dark corners in a bright room

Timidly immersed in the crowd

Lonely soul seeking human needs

Voice hidden deep within

Quiet yet outgoing

Secrets in sync with the beat

Bass pulsating awkwardly

Talent buried from the world

Introvert nature a redeeming point

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  • 4 days ago


All was calm 

Tears in fabric 

Shattering of souls 

Crashed hearts bleeding 

Disfigured words infused 

A silent storm 

Rooting out peace 

Seeping through feelings 

Harsh against feelings 

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  • 5 days ago


Black or white 

Nothing in between 

Drop by drop 

Seeded within 

Shaken faith 

Deafening denial 

Whispers of encouragement 

Contradicting words 

Interlacing feelings

Unwanted beings

Purity forgotten


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  • 6 days ago



The first step with a risk


Stillness and normalcy,  the underlying rhythm 


A small ripple in the stream 


One word, a silent hint 


Changing winds 


An ache for something more 


Harsh words to quiet sounds 


The want to be free


Quiet screams into the dark 


Tears fighting a war 


Game over and fight lost 

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  • 1 week ago


It slipped through her fingers

Fragile things 

She watched them fall 


Looking down at it 

She decided to walk away 

And there she left her heart 


Splinters of what used to be 

Precious things 

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  • 1 week ago


She took that little step because she wanted to see something new, but she fell back into that trap of love again. 

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  • 2 weeks ago

More To It.

People don’t get. You can’t just stop liking someone. You try and try but you just can’t. It’s not easy to stop having feelings for someone like that. So please stop making me feel like I’m the victim.

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  • 3 weeks ago


It seems like I’ve forgotten what it means to love someone. Time and hurt has made me into a heartless machine. Someone said to me that I don’t date, I have flings, and this is probably why. I am incapable of giving love. Maybe that’s why I don’t feel loved. 

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  • 1 month ago